Library cache: mutex X and another slowness scenario (briefly)

One of databases was eventually going completely unresponsive and didn’t resume normal execution until the suspected SQL was manually flushed from the shared pool. AWR indicates that library cache: mutex X wait event prevails. The fact that this mutex is taken whenever the corresponding library cache bucket is changed is well known.

So, the first suspect in case of this wait event is hard parse that can be caused by, for example, undersized shared pool, high version counts and etc. Another cause can be CPU saturation which prevents a thread from jumping on the CPU so that the necessary mutex will be released. This time no hard parses at all. At least, not so much as to worry about.

Looks like there are other cases (not hard parse related) that can cause the library cache bucket mutex to be taken exclusively. For example, execution count of a statement which is held in the parent statement. Whenever a statistics need to be changed the mutex must be held in exclusive mode. This fits very well when we observe that a statement executed ~30,000,000 times, during the other occurrence of the issue  ~28,000,000 times within 10 minutes. Once this loop will be removed/replaced, the issue will most probably be gone.

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